Bio-degradable balloons for birthday hampers and letterbox chocolates

Bio-degradable balloons for birthday hampers and letterbox chocolates - Gnaw

In our drive to keep sustainability at the heart of the business, after all we are squirrels who love the natural world and like to do all we can to reduce our plastic use while keeping celebrating an occasion fun. We were after a balloon for our hampers and birthday letterbox chocolates that were sustainable, and the squirrels were delighted to find assorted coloured and marbled biodegradable balloons that ticked the boxes. 

They are made from high quality, natural latex an organic material which is fully biodegradable and perfect to add to a hamper or letterbox gift to celebrate an occasion. Why not add one (or two) to a birthday letterbox gift with our happy birthday milk chocolate bar or birthday dark chocolate bar as a surprise or a create your own hamper and add a few to make an occasion even more fun and special. The latex is sourced from an approved supplier with a sustainable policy regarding the management of the rubber plantation.

The colours used for the balloons are derived from water based synthetic organic pigments (not dyes). They are non-toxic and are suitable for being used in the production of toys. We recommend that spent balloons should be disposed of in a responsible manner, either in a compost heap where they will have the best conditions in which to biodegrade within a few months, or in landfill waste where they will also break down safely.

The birthday balloon are made in the UK too which helps reduce carbon footprints too. We sell them individually and they are helium quality and measure 10" diameter. They arrive uninflated. Assorted colours are shown and will be chosen randomly. Add a biodegradable balloon to a create your own chocolate hamper or letterbox chocolates delivered across the UK.