Artisan milk and dark cooking chocolate delivered

Artisan milk and dark cooking chocolate delivered - Gnaw

If you have been baking a lot recently, a keen home baker or professional baker yourself you know it’s key to get the best chocolate for your chocolate inspired cakes, bakes, truffles or even a ganache. When buying chocolate you will first need to consider the amount you want, your budget and use and also whether you are after a milk chocolate or dark chocolate for your recipe.

Which Cocoa Percent?

Typically only a consideration when choosing dark chocolate. Everybody's taste varies and this is actually due to your palate detecting sweetness and bitterness differently. To most tastes, 70% cocoa content is the tipping point at which chocolate becomes bitter rather than bitter-sweet and whilst 70% is commonly called upon in many recipes it is more often the case that below 70% is better suited to most people so our Raspberry Crisp Dark Chocolate at 72%, Organic Dark Chocolate 58% all work well to bake with according to your taste. All have been used in cooking in various ways. Also the usage often dictates the cocoa percentage commonly used. For example; chocolate chips cookies or brownies are typically sweeter whilst a rolled chocolate truffle often is relatively more bitter. However that if you are unsure what cocoa percentage to buy you can always add more sugar to the melted chocolate or recipe, to suit your taste, but you can't take away. Also the higher the cocoa content the better the chocolate will be for your waist and even heart. The quality of chocolate is also not determined by the cocoa content - a common misconception. We handcraft all our Gnaw chocolate at our base in Norfolk UK and some of our dark chocolate bars are suitable for vegans too including our Organic Dark Chocolate 58%

What Is Milk Chocolate?

Milk chocolate is classically made from dark chocolate of low cocoa solid content and a higher sugar content plus a milk product, which may be in the form of boiled milk, milk powder or condensed milk. All of these give variations of a much admired slight caramel taste.Milk Chocolate has reputation for being for children, but it is enjoyed my adults across the world. Our Gnaw milk chocolate cooking chocolate is top quality using only natural ingredients and handcrafted in Norfolk England Our artisan quality milk chocolate with its smooth butterscotch flavour and creamy texture adds just the right note to classic recipes like Gnaw chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and a fudgy chocolate brownie or milk chocolate sauce. 
Our 100% Cocoa bars are also vegan and are great mini chocolate bars which are often used for cooking. These handcrafted 100% Cocoa bars can be bought as a bundle or case and delivered to your home so you can bake with it for a while.

Gnaw Cooking Chocolate Delivered To Your Door

Our milk chocolate is great for baking for and can be brought in 5 or 10 chocolate bar bundles which can be delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. You can mix and match the milk and dark cooking chocolate bar flavours if you are unsure of which cooking chocolate flavour to use or if you need a few milk and dark chocolate bars of each for your chocolate delivery. Have your cooking chocolate delivered directly to your door ready for you to cook with. Next working day UK delivery available.