Ethical Values

Gnaw chocolate takes great pride in ensuring we're an ethical company. Our Gnaw cocoa is sourced from small plantations ensuring there is a good working practice. This follows through to our factory where all our chocolate is hand made in a family environment. We apply excellent standards in chocolate, presentation, service and customer care.

As a company we're not interested in becoming a mass producer, remaining a handcrafted company as we grow is extremely important to us.

Playing a valued part within the local community and investing within is highly important to us. All our design, packaging, donations and charity work is kept within Norfolk.

We do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint! Our chocolate is all made on site, we try to deliver multiple parcels and pallets in one go to save on fuel and cut carbon emissions.

All of our packaging within our products are recyclable and as a business we now recycle more than 95% of our waste.