Vegan Letterbox Chocolates

Vegan Letterbox Chocolates

Send handcrafted vegan chocolate through the letterbox of friends, family and colleagues to say congratulations, thank you, good luck or happy birthday. What better than a personalised vegan chocolate gift through the post to make someone smile! From dreamy Oat Milk Pecan Pie to decadent Raspberry Dark Chocolate we have fabulous vegan flavours for a vegan chocolate lovers to enjoy.

💚 Our large bars are beautifully wrapped in fully compostable wrappers and foil too 💚

There are 4 simple steps to send your Vegan Letterbox Chocolates:

1 - Choose any 3 of our scrummy handcrafted vegan chocolate bars

2 - Select your postcard 

3 - Write your personalised gift message

4 - Add a delivery address and we will get your vegan letterbox chocolates sent on their way.