• Vegan Chocolate Hamper

    At Gnaw we offer a whole range of wonderful thoughtful hampers packed full of delicious handcrafted chocolate, that make ideal gifts for friends and family members. We just wanted to remind you that we have our very own completely vegan chocolate hamper; our Vegan-a-licious Dark Chocolate Hamper!... View Post
  • Organic Goji Berry & Cashew Dark Chocolate

    Gnaw’s Organic Goji Berry and Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar is not only suitable for vegans and dark chocolate lovers, it's been lovingly handcrafted to bring natural organic ingredients to add the sweet and subtle tastes and textures to make this decadent 100g bar one of those bar’s you need to sit ... View Post
  • Vegan Chocolate Bars

    Following a vegan diet for many people is a lifestyle choice and to reduce the exploitation of animals, but this is not the only reason for becoming vegan. For many it is a key factor in the decision making, but also for health reasons. At Gnaw HandCrafted Chocolate we believe, and know, that cho... View Post