• How to Store Your Chocolate & Keeping Your Chocolate Fresh

    How do you store chocolate in the summer? Chocolate is ideally stored in the dark, away from moisture. Therefore, your pantry is a best bet, and consider closing it in a tin or smaller dark container if you're going to be a true purist about your chocolate. If you choose to store your chocola... View Post
  • Organic Goji Berry & Cashew Dark Chocolate

    Gnaw’s Organic Goji Berry and Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar is not only suitable for vegans and dark chocolate lovers, it's been lovingly handcrafted to bring natural organic ingredients to add the sweet and subtle tastes and textures to make this decadent 100g bar one of those bar’s you need to sit ... View Post
  • Organic Vegan Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

    Our chocolatier squirrels are going nuts for our delightfully decadent Organic Almond and Coffee Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar which has deep velvety tones blended with the organic almonds for added texture and its mild nutty flavour. Paired with the best organic coffee, this rich, silky, smooth dark... View Post