This week is all about raising awareness of our favourite redheaded friends! Red squirrel numbers have dramatically decreased since the arrival of the grey squirrel, as the grey squirrel carries the parapox virus which is fatal to the red squirrels. Luckily there is the Red Squirrel Survival Trust which is working to save the species and national breeding programmes are working to reintroduce the population into their natural habitat. 

We support Pensthorpe Conservation Trust based in Norfolk, this year we have adopted a squirrel and donated towards the squirrels' food which is so important for them to get the nutrients they need. Pine nuts are very costly and these are the best sources of food for the squirrels' and they make up a large part of their diet in the wild, so we knew putting a donation towards this would be incredibly helpful for the Trust. This will ensure the red squirrels' can get the best diet possible to help their growth within the programme and reintroduction into the wild. 

It's very important to us at Gnaw to keep raising awareness and supporting these wonderful creatures.  

To finish off here are some Red Squirrel facts for you - 

  1. The Latin name is Sciurus vulgaris
  2. They do not hibernate
  3. They have 4 fingers and 5 toes
  4. They can hang upside down
  5. Red squirrels can jump more than 2m
  6. They can swim
  7. Red squirrels can tell a nut is rotten without even opening it!