Gnaw Behind The Door... The Taste Test!

As many of you chocoholics already know here at Gnaw we handcraft every single chocolaty product with a whole lot of love and care, a lot of exciting and creative activity goes on behind the scenes in order to produce the most delicious treats for you lucky bunch, and we want to give you a sneaky peak as to how we make it happen!


This week we’re focusing on creating some brand new, extra yummy flavours for you guys, we go through a few motions before we deliver the finished products to ensure it’s pure perfection… we’ve broken it down into 4 stages for you:


1. The process begins with lists upon lists of flavour combo ideas (some weird, some wonderful!) which the entire Gnaw family adds to on a daily basis.


2. Stage 2 is the tough part… narrowing that list down, thinking rationally about which flavours will please your chocolatey pallets, as well as thinking carefully about how each component compliments each other and taking into consideration the forthcoming season.


3. After narrowing it down we discuss our finalised flavour combos with our chief chocolatier. He then works his magic in our lab kitchen, carefully hand stirring each ingredient in a bowl to get the right balance of each flavour, he then leaves the chocolate test to set in our Gnaw moulds.


4. The final stage is by far our favourite… the taste test!! This is where we have to scoff the chocolate and discuss our thoughts on what works well, what doesn’t work so well and what could be added / taken away (we know, it’s a tough job!). After discussing our thoughts with our experienced team of chocolatiers the new flavour takes a couple more trips back into the lab kitchen until we reach pure perfection just for you!


So there you have it, a glimpse into Gnaw behind the door! Keep your eyes peeled for new flavours and regular updates by joining our mailing list!

Connie x