Introducing our new premium handmade chocolate Brooke & Amble...

We set ourselves the challenge to bring you a whole new chocolate experience. Searching high and low we stumbled across the most enticing cocoa plantations in the stunning Grenada and Venezuela. This is it we thought! We knew that the single origin cocoa was everything we needed in order to bring our new delicious sophisticated flavours alive. It takes a lot to hand make chocolate and we therefore ensure we’re using only the most divine ingredients that we know will combine exquisitely.

When you open the charmingly designed packet the thick chocolatey block gently slides out for you to appreciate the pure beauty of the infused elements within the chocolate, this is just the start…

Snap a square off the block, pop it in your mouth and just let it melt away embracing the delicious combination of the natural, finest flavours.

Our Caramel & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate was inspired by the Bracing Breton coastlines & the sunset bouncing off the beaches. Cool clean air and the sound of the waves lapping against the beach set the scene for this divine block of chocolate. The Toasted & gentle confectionary sweetness of burnt sugar is bought to life with the taste of the ocean, bringing a composed tone to our 43% cocoa solid Venezuelan milk block.

The Cranberry & dark chocolate has been inspired by woodland walks and bursts of cloudy breath, our deep, rich and delightfully bittersweet Grenadian chocolate skips alongside the delicate yet vibrant citrus buzz of cranberry. Take a step into indulgence with this off the beaten track taste delivering an understated fruity zest that makes a surprising accompaniment to our chocolate.

Orange orchards infused with the smell of ripe citrus, green and lush lines of hazelnut trees in a piedmont valley helped create our heavenly Hazelnut & orange milk chocolate. These classic Italian influence lend a fragrant air to the sweet caramel hints that underline our 43% cocoa Venezuelan chocolate. A relaxing chocolate blend that ushers in a sweet fruity zest set off against an intensely creamy and rich nut.

Flavours packed with sunshine complement our 67% chocolate that’s born out of the rich volcanic soil of Grenada. Bursting with the essence of the humid, tropical climate that nurses our Criollo and Trinitario beans, the bar casts sharp, vibrant raspberries against the subtle creaminess of coconut bringing out the full flavour profile belonging to the deep, coffee tones of the cacao.

We’re pretty sure that Brooke & Amble will bring a whole new level of pleasure to your life as it has for us, we can’t get enough of it!