Chocolate Week 2016

Obviously we are rejoicing at the fact it's our favourite week of the year, chocolate week!! A whole seven days to celebrate everything chocolate and we want you to celebrate with us and enter our wonderful Facebook competition to win a bag full of Gnaw chocolate treats! Click here for t's + c's.

In the meantime we want to share with you why we love chocolate so much and why it's so important for us to produce the tastiest treats with natural ingredients and flavours. Chocolate has many benefits as well being delicious, dark chocolate especially has many benefits, you can read our blog post about this here. One of the main benefits of eating any kind of chocolate is that it increases levels of endorphins released in the brain, these work to decrease stress levels and make us happier. 

All Gnaw products are made in the wonderful county of Norfolk, where we combine delicious flavours and ingredients to create the wonderful, fun chocolate goodies we all love! All our colouring's are natural, for example our Cherry Bomb bar is pink with the use of beetroot, we never use artificial flavours or colours especially those evil E numbers!  This is so important to us, as we believe using what nature has given to us to make delicious treats and to give the best to our customers.  

To find out more about our products head to our homepage and see all the wonderful creations we have to help you celebrate chocolate week!