Flavour Of The Month... Gnawfully Less Sugar

Here at Gnaw we had a delightfully delicious Easter, we defiantly made the most of the extra long weekend by indulging in some gnawfully yummy treats... and we hope you did too!

After scoffing all of that chocolate we found ourselves in a bit of a hazy sugar coma! This is why we are thrilled to announce that our flavour of the month is our brand new Cranberry and Hazelnut No Added Sugar bar.

Our superb chocolatier squirrels have been working so hard to create something a little less sugary. This bar entails a delicious mixture of cranberry and hazelnuts, which we think combines the perfect amount of fruit and nut goodness. The bursting flavour of cranberry and generous chunks of hazelnuts throughout will most certainly delight your taste buds in a less sugary kind of way!

You can purchase our guilt free pleasures on our online shop, just click here and enjoy!


Connie x