A Christmas Cracker of a Gift!

We have an absolute Cracker of a Christmas Chocolate Gift for you! ¬†ūüéĄ

No, it really is a Cracker¬†ūüéä ...

We all look forward to sitting down at Christmas dinner. Crossing arms to pull a Christmas cracker with family and loved ones. Then you get your silly hat, which is a necessity to wear during the feast. Afterwards, you'll play with your miniature nail clippers or mini deck of cards, which you will probably never use again. And of course, sitting there in suspense, waiting for the punch line of the worst Dad joke you have heard in 2022. We thought why not give you a Christmas Cracker which is full of 3 treats you will actually enjoy!

Introducing to you our new Novelty Christmas Chocolate Gift! The squirrels have gone crackers about their marvellous mixed hot chocolate bomb cracker. They are all you need for a marvellous mug of dreamy, delicious hot chocolate. Cosy up with these three fabulous handcrafted flavours...milk, sweet orange and salted caramel and take yourself to hot chocolate heaven. 

If you're a hot chocolate lover this is the gift for you. Three irresistible hot chocolate bombs, bursting with flavour, one more unique than the next! Wrapped in our fun Christmas cracker packaging, it will put a smile on anyone's face. Then, once the Christmas dinner has settled, and you have stopped laughing from the worst joke in history, you can curl up in front of the fire with a Gnaw Hot Chocolate Bomb, and watch your favourite Christmas film. We suggest Elf, however other Christmas movies are available. 

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